VMware Masters the Internet of Things With Products and Partnerships

The Internet of Things (IoT) was a key focal point for Sanjay Poonen’s keynote address at VMworld 2016. Poonen, executive vice president and general manager of the end-user computing business, introduced VMware’s comprehensive strategy for what many are calling the biggest business opportunity since the Internet itself.

The IoT will eventually connect billions of thingsautomobiles (connected drivers), refrigerators (recipe delivery), factory machines (insightful robots) and life-saving hospital devices (real-time patient monitoring). According to one Gartner study, by 2021 as many as 1 million IoT devices will be purchased and installed every single hour. This level of deployment is bound to propel innovative designs and capabilities, and to present a host of new business opportunities.

Meeting Today’s IoT Challenges

But along with these opportunities come significant challenges related to supporting, managing, and securing the workflows that IoT brings to business. Currently, the operations side is the primary driver of IoT initiatives, but IT will soon need to become involved.

Specific IT challenges include extracting business value from IoT initiatives quickly, delivering applications to the right people (or things) at the right time, ensuring that participation in the IoT is secure, and optimizing the data center for IoT workflows.

To meet these challenges, VMware has developed a comprehensive, integrated strategy with four central goals:

  1. Manage broaderto manage millions of things as easily as one
  2. Operate smarterto take action based on operational insights in real time
  3. Innovate fasterto take advantage of new opportunities as they arise
  4. Protect betterto ensure the security of things, applications, networks, and users

From Potential to Profitable Reality

VMware’s key alliances help bring these strategies to fruition, and deliver real-world results through partners that include Bayshore, Dell, Deloitte Digital, GE Digital, Intwine Connect, ThingWorx, and V5 Systems.

VMware works with its partners on the full IoT spectrum, including the creation of  value-driven business strategies, the development of enterprise IoT applications and solutions, and the rapid deployment of products when they’re ready for market. All with the goal of turning the potential of IoT into a profitable reality.