Software-Defined Data Center Delivers for Top Companies

One of the major themes highlighting this year’s VMworld in Las Vegas, is the momentum toward the software-defined data center (SDDC). Companies of all sizes and across all industries move to the SDDC to automate operations and seamlessly extend their virtualized compute, storage and network services.

VMware vSAN is a solution that is applicable across the board,” says Marko Njegovan, former program manager for iGov, a company that makes ruggedized computing solutions for the federal government. “Storage requirements continue to rise. What used to be in megabytes is now in the petabytes. To be able to take a technology that traditionally required racks of gear down to sharing resources that the servers provide … it’s an amazing technology that has use in just about any industry.”

SDDC: A Technology for the Future of Everything

It’s not only technology companies; hundreds of forward-looking organizations of all types are adopting the SDDC.

The California Natural Resource Agency, which protects and manages historical and natural resources of California, is one example. “We’ve been on the software-defined journey,” says Tim Garza, the Agency’s CIO, “and we’ve been able to reduce capital expenditure and operating expenditure costs by over 30 percent.”

And while some companies are looking to reduce costs, others, such as Zebra Technologies, are looking to grow. “VMware products allowed us to achieve a lot of scale very quickly that we couldn’t have achieved without the automation and orchestration of tools like VMware vRealize,” says Dean Crutchfield, former CIO.

Driving Savings, Performance and Flexibility

Rapid changes across IT environments have companies looking to solutions like the SDDC that deliver increased performance and flexibility.

VMware NSX gives our customers the ability to segment their network environments, dynamically, depending on the mission that they’re required to go and execute,” says Colby Holloway, vice president of cloud computing and business transformation for SAIC, a $4.3 billion company with 15,000 employees. “The measure of success for our integration of this generation of software-defined data center technologies from VMware was really around the speed to deliver the services that our internal customers needed. VMware technology will allow us to craft the next-generation, secure IT services that can be applied to our nation’s hardest problems.”

Watch the video and check out how the most innovative companies are adopting the SDDC.