Wind and Trains: Siemens and Deutsche Bahn Choose VMware

As businesses around the world increasingly integrate technology to become more efficient, two of Europe’s best-known companies are adopting new solutions to differentiate themselves.

Making Wind Power Cheaper
Over the past 25 years, offshore wind power has grown from a tertiary energy source with a turbine capacity of 30,000 watts to a major global energy resource with a turbine capacity of 8,000,000 watts (8MW). Siemens Wind Power, a division of Siemens AG that produces wind turbines, is one of the companies leading the effort to make wind a growing source of renewable energy worldwide.

Reducing the cost of wind power is a key goal for the company. That means capturing efficiencies at every opportunity as well as modernizing the company’s manufacturing and installation processes. To aid in this effort, Siemens Wind Power turned to VMware.

Siemens Wind Power uses VMware HorizonⓇ View™ to create and share CAD drawings worldwide by enabling employees to easily access multiple workstations. Teams are now able to collaborate in a shared environment regardless of location. Leveraging this ability to work together more efficiently, employees are able to move projects forward faster and the shared data remains secure.

Coordinating Complexity on the Rails
Deutsche Bahn, which translates to “German railway,” is the largest railway operator in Europe carrying more than two billion passengers each year. When the company needed a solution that both saved money and increased efficiency, it chose VMware AirWatchⓇ.

The issue it faced was that of a large workforce—340,000 employees ranging from office staff to maintenance workers to train drivers—with a diversity of needs, all slowed by an aging infrastructure. By choosing AirWatch, the company was able to reduce its operational cost per application by 75 percent. Consequently, the company is now able to redirect those IT resources toward innovation.

Watch the video to see how VMware technology helps Siemens Wind Power and Deutsche Bahn remain competitive and efficient.