Windows 10 Brings Rivals Microsoft & VMware Together

How big a deal is Microsoft teaming up with VMware? Sanjay Poonen, Executive Vice President at VMware, jokingly compared it to the détente between Reagan and Gorbachev.

OK, maybe that’s over the top. But it is significant that for the first time at VMworld a Microsoft executive appeared on stage during the General Session..

“There is overlap in our products, but it doesn’t matter. We’re working to optimize our products for you, and you customers get all the benefits you’ve been asking for,” said Poonen as he was joined by Jim Alkove, Corporate Vice President of Windows Enterprise and Security.

With this collaboration Windows 10 users will be able to use VMware’s AirWatch to manage and secure their device. “We see a tremendous opportunity in the simplification of complexity,” said Alkove, citing education as one example. “Teachers aren’t IT pros. Our goal to make Windows 10 the most easily managed device for teachers and IT pros.”  

Noah Wasmer, Chief Technology Officer and Vice President, Product Management, End-User Computing at VMware gave a demo showing how easy it is for a home computer user to access their workspace using Windows 10 and AirWatch.

He showed how a user could simply log in to their corporate account on the home computer and access their work files and apps with a few clicks. “We set all the configurations, it’s all set,” said Wasmer. The slick new capability is part of VMware’s Project A2, a technology preview that will use AirWatch Mobile Management with application delivery capabilities of App Volumes. Microsoft, in turn, has made it easier for other companies to tap into its device-management capabilities leading to the partnership with VMware.

But Project A2 may extend to other devices as well. For example, Wasmer showed how a user could also connect to their corporate space on a Samsung mobile phone.

Project A2 is poised to deliver a broad impact across the desktop and mobile landscape.