Work Digital: What’s Your Digital Workspace Ranking?

The way that people work is evolving rapidly, disrupting industries, and reinventing organizations. Companies around the world are transforming the ways in which their workforces operate by leaning into a digital workspace model—taking a fresh approach to security while driving more meaningful workflows, simpler access, and increased productivity.

What Is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation describes the profound and accelerating evolution of technology-driven business processes that are shifting the way companies traditionally function. The need for mobility, in particular, has had a significant effect on the enterprise. The concept of enterprise mobility has evolved from a component of individual productivity to team productivity to delivering true business process re-engineering.

Organizations across all industries are in flux as new technologies both drive innovation and displace traditional ways of operating. Today’s businesses leverage new technology to automate tasks, unlock efficiencies, hasten innovation, and improve collaboration. These aggregate changes are rewriting longstanding business rules.

What Is a Digital Workspace?

The digital workspace is a broad concept, driven by business needs, that encompasses a new organization-wide approach to working. Companies that embrace the idea are driven to become more responsive, adaptive, and innovative. A digital workspace is not simply a way to enable employees to work remotely. It reimagines how companies interact with customers and develop new lines of business, and it prompts significant changes in security, technology, behaviors, policies, staff, and training.

Why Embrace the Digital Workspace?

The average return on investment for digital workspace expenditures is 150 percent. In 2016, VMware engaged with market research firm Management Insight to survey more than 1,200 IT decision makers, IT influencers, and business decision makers worldwide. The survey found nearly 4 out of 5 organizations (78 percent) have successfully executed or are actively executing mobile initiatives and are moving to a digital workspace. Digital workspaces deliver better security, reduce IT management costs and complexity, and prevent data loss.

Take this digital workspace quiz to find out where your organization is in its digital transformation journey and how to reach the point of truly working digital.