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Model :878014-B21 HPE 375GB NVMe x4 WI SFF SCN DS SSD Partner Name:Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Device Type:NVMe Vendor Id:NVMe
Endurance:20500 TBW Performance Class:Class F: 100,000-350,000 Writes Per Second
Endurance Class:Endurance Class D >=7300 TBW Flash Technology:3D XPoint
Part Number:878014-B21 ,878014-H21 ,878014-K21 Interface Speed:Gen3 x4 Gbps
Capacity:375 GBForm Factor:U.2
VID :8086 DID :2701
SVID :1590 SSID :3905
Series:DC P4800XProduct Id:EO000375KWJUC
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