Tips for Searching the VMware Compatibility Guide

Here are some tips for finding information in the online compatibility guide.

Using the Search for VMware Compatibility Guide

With the Search Compatibility Guide, you can search for keywords of the following components in the entire compatibity guide:

  • All Listings
  • CIM Providers (HW Monitoring)
  • CPU Series
  • Guest OS
  • IO Devices
  • Systems / Servers
  • Site Recovery Manager (SRM) for SRA
  • Storage/SAN
  • vSAN
  • vFlash Read Cache
  • vSphere APIs for Storage Awareness (VASA), non-vVols
  • vSphere APIs for Virtual Volumes (vVols)
  • Networking and Security Services for NSX for vSphere
  • Hardware VXLAN Gateway
  • VMware Aria Operations
  • VMware Aria Automation Orchestrator
  • vSphere Client Plug-In
  • Horizon (Thin Clients)
  • Horizon Turnkey Appliances (Rapid Desktop Appliances)
  • Horizon Proven Storage for VDI Capacity
  • View Composer Array Integration (VCAI) - Horizon
  • Virtual Volumes (vVols) - Horizon
  • Shared Pass-Through Graphics
  • Virtual Dedicated Graphics Acceleration (vDGA)
  • Virtual Shared Graphics Acceleration (vSGA)
  • vSphere APIs for IO Filtering (VAIO)
  • VMware Validated Design Certified Partner Architecture
  • Data Protection and File Services
  • Key Management Server (KMS)
  • Networking and Security Services for NSX-T / NSX
  • Edge Gateways for Pulse IoT Center
  • Embedded Systems for Pulse IoT Center
  • Site Recovery Manager (SRM) for vVols
  • Daemon Managment
  • VMDirect Path For IO General Purpose
  • Hardware Support Manager

To search the specific component, select the relevant component from the drop-down placed adjacent to the search text-box. If the relevant component is not known, you can search with the default selection "All Listings"

There are certain operation which are helpful to perform search. Assuming search string to be vmware esxi:

  • Default will be searched as +vmware +esxi : All documents which have both vmware as well as esxi are returned.
  • vmware -esx : All those documents which may or may not have vmware but doesn't have esx are returned.
  • +vmware -esx : All those documents which do have vmware but don't have esx are returned.
  • vmware AND esxi : All those documents which have both vmware as well as esxi are returned (equivalent to point 1)
  • vmware OR esxi : All those documents which either have vmware or have esxi are returned
  • +vmware -esxi +esx : All those documents which have vmware and esx but don't have esxi are returned.

Using Keyword Search

To search for an exact text string, enclose the text in quote marks (For example, Search for "Intel Dual-core Xeon" in the System tab). The field is not case-sensitive.

Bookmark the Search Result

To bookmark the Search Result, click the Bookmark link on the top right side of the results.

Search Examples

Suppose you want to research which Storage Virtual Devices are compatible with ESX 4.0, assuming any partner and firmware version are acceptable.

  1. Click the Storage/SAN tab.
  2. Select ESX 4.0 in the Product Release Version field.
  3. Select Storage Virtual Device (SVD) in the Array Type field.
  4. Click Update and View Results.

Alternatively, suppose you want an EMC LP series Fibre Channel array.

  1. Click the IO Devices tab.
  2. Enter EMC LP in the Key Word Search field.
  3. Click Update and View Results.

Viewing Results

Scroll down to view the search results. To display more details:

  • Click the model information for hardware
  • Click the supported release for software

Subscribing to Product RSS Feeds

To view the current feed for a specific certified product, go to its details page and click on the 'rss feed' icon. This will show the current update for the feed.

To subscribe to the product's feed, copy the URL of the 'rss feed' link/icon into the RSS Client of your choice.

Suggested RSS Clients:

  • MS Outlook
  • Inbuilt reader with Firefox


Here are answers to some frequently-asked questions.

Q - What information is available from the documentation topics listed in the upper right corner of the Web site?

A - A documentation topic appears for each tab in the search area. The topic for the selected tab expands to show you more information. For example, you can view information that has become available in the past week (What's New), an Introduction to the contents for this tab, and other key information. To print the complete content for the selected tab, select the Print option. To download the complete content for the selected tab, select the Export to CSV/Excel option

Q - Using Advanced Search, can I select more than one value per field?

A - Yes. Hold down the Ctrl key to make multiple selections. Hold down the Shift key to select adjacent values.

Q - I used Key Word Search, but my search results are not what I expected. What happened?

A - You may have typed a word or number that is not recognized by the search engine for retrieving results. In this case, you may get the wrong results, or even no results. Try again using selections in the Advanced Search fields to define the scope of your search.

Q - Where can I see an explanation of the footnotes or KB links that appear in the supported releases results?

A - Click on the model in your search results and scroll to the model details page for an explanation for the footnotes. Product level footnote comes on top section of the model detail page and Certificate level footnotes & KB link comes with particular cert item.

Finding More Information

Here are some information and support resources.