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Introduction - io Devices

Support for I/O devices in the VMware Compatibility Guide is specific to ESXi version and driver versions listed. Please refer to the your system vendor's documentation for details on what devices, driver versions, and firmware are recommended for your particular system.

If you are having a technical issue with 3rd party hardware or software that are not listed on the VMware Compatibility Guide, please refer to our 3rd Party HW/SW support policy at

VMware Support Policy for drivers with firmware versions not listed on the VMware Compatibility Guide (VCG) IO Devices section

IMPORTANT NOTE: The following information does not apply to vSAN deployments. vSAN support requires that users only use the driver and firmware combinations listed on the vSAN VCG.

The IO Devices section of the VCG lists supported driver and firmware combinations for IO devices.The firmware listed in the Firmware Version column displays the firmware version used at the time of certification.

Over time, partners may ship later versions of firmware. VMware policy is to leave the version in the Firmware Version column unchanged. Partners are provided the opportunity to list updated versions in the Additional Firmware column, however, this is not required.VMware does not require partners to recertify their existing certified driver when releasing a firmware update. We expect that our partners have done extensive testing of a firmware update prior to releasing it. As a result, both VMware and the partner will support any certified driver when used with a firmware version equal to or higher than the level displayed in the Firmware Version column.