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Partner Brocade
Description of Host Profile Plugin's functionality bfaConfig - Brocade Host Profile Plug simplifies configuration and management of Brocade adapters in large deployments. The profile supports Brocade adapter models 415, 425, 804, 815, 825, 1010, 1020, 1007, 1741, and 1860.
Provide name of Profiles and any sub-profiles This plug-in retrieves and saves Port level Configuration and Trunk Configuration parameters. More information is available in the KB article listed below.
Miscellaneous information about plugin Useful in large deployments of Brocade adapters in a fabric: configuring and managing the adapters is made easy using this Brocade Host Profile plug-in.
Support information The plug-in can be downloaded from the Brocade adapters website at For any support questions, please email .
KB article
Partner Dell EqualLogic
Description of Host Profile Plugin's functionality Dell EqualLogic's host profile plug-in interacts with the vSphere 5.0 host profile engine to save and retrieve configurable parameters for the Dell EqualLogic Multipathing Extension Module (MEM). This host profile supports all Dell EqualLogic PS Series Arrays.
Provide name of Profiles and any sub-profiles The Dell EqualLogic MEM includes several configurable parameters. In a large deployment, it may be convenient to manage the MEM parameters along with other ESXi host parameters through use of the host profile infrastructure. Additionally, the host profile plugin is required to be able to configure these parameters in a stateless boot environment.
Miscellaneous information about plugin The following MEM settings are supported in the host profile provider: Total Sessions, Volume Sessions, Member Sessions, and Minimum Adapter Speed.
Support information The Host Profile plug-in is distributed as an offline bundle. The plug-in can be downloaded from Dell's support website as part of the MEM. For EqualLogic downloads and related documentation, including the Multipathing Extension Module, see
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