vSAN ESA ReadyNode Hardware Guidance
The purpose of this document is to provide sample server configurations as directional guidelines for use with vSAN ESA(Express Storage Architecture)TM.Use these guidelines as your first step toward determining the configuration for vSANTM
How to use this document
  • Determine your workload profile requirement for your use case.
  • Filter and Search vSAN ESA ReadyNodeTM offerings to determine the approximate configuration that meets your needs
  • Use vSAN ESA VCG to pick a vSAN ESA ReadyNodeTM or vSAN Max ReadyNodeTM aligned with the selected profile from the OEM server vendor of choice.
vSAN ESA ReadyNode Hardware Guidance
Description vSAN-ESA-AF-0 vSAN-ESA-AF-2 vSAN-ESA-AF-4 vSAN-ESA-AF-6 vSAN-ESA-AF-8 vSAN-ESA-AF-HighDensity
Node Capacity (TB) (Min) 1.6 10 20 40 60 100
CPU (#cores) per Node (Min) 16 24 32 48 56 48
Memory (GB) (Min) 128 256 512 768 1024 768
Network (GbE) (Min) 10 25 25 50 100 50
Device Endurance 1 DWPD or higher 3 DWPD 1 DWPD or higher
vSAN Max ReadyNode Hardware Guidance
Description vSAN-Max-XS vSAN-Max-SM vSAN-Max-MED vSAN-Max-LRG vSAN-Max-XL
Node Capacity (TB) (Min) 20 50 100 150 200+
CPU (#cores) per Node (Min) 24 32 40 48 64
Memory (GB) (Min) 256 384 512 768 1024+
Network (GbE) (Min) 10 25 100 100 100
Nodes per cluster (Min) 4 4 6 6 6
Device Guidance:
  • Type: NVMe TLC
  • Performance Class:Class F (100000 - 349999) or higher
  • Endurance Class:1 DWPD or higher
  • Capacity:1.6TB or higher
  • vSAN ESA ReadyNode Minimum # Device/Host:1
  • vSAN Max ReadyNode Minimum # Device/Host:2
Sizing Assumptions Used For vSAN ESA ReadyNodeTM Profiles
ESXi Boot
  • (Dual port NIC) recommended for redundancy.
Device Capacity
  • The capacity point is for guidance only. You can choose different capacity points as long as Node Capacity and Performance/Endurance classes are met.
Number of Storage Tier Devices
  • The number of Storage Tier devices has an impact on the performance of vSAN ESA.
  • We recommend configuring more for better performance
Design Considerations Used For vSAN ESA ReadyNodeTM Profiles
Class of SSDsThe class of SSD you choose has a direct impact on the performance of your overall system.
Device Protocol The ReadyNode is certified with particular device type (NVMe). You are not allowed to change the device type.
Performance Classes for SSDs
F100000 - 349999