10 Endpoint Security Problems and How the Cloud Solves Them for Kaspersky Customers


According to IDC, 70% of successful breaches begin at the endpoint. If you’re a Kaspersky customer, and still have breaches in your endpoint security, then something isn’t working. Perhaps you’re struggling to prevent advanced attacks, or your security team may be burdened by maintaining overly complex policies. You and your end users may even be facing performance issues.

If you’re experiencing any of these challenges, ask yourself these questions for a cybersecurity reality check:

  • Does your Kaspersky software provide you with the robust capabilities you need?
  • Are your Kaspersky solutions integrated and easy to manage?
  • Do you have all the reporting capabilities you need?
  • Can you access remote devices to close endpoint security gaps?
  • Do Kaspersky products slow down your users’ endpoints?
  • Why is Kaspersky banned in the United States and the European Union (EU)?

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