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2020 Threat Outlook: Attacker Behavior Evolution


The conflict of “good vs. evil” is a theme that’s captivated humanity throughout history, spanning religion, ethics, philosophy, politics, art, literature and cinema. Often with larger-than-life characters leading the narrative, the “good vs. evil” conflict reveals humanity’s intrinsic desire to be safe amidst an omniscient and, often, ephemeral sense of fear.

Our goal is to offer a holistic look at how attackers have evolved, what defenders are doing to keep pace and how security and IT teams can work together in 2020 and beyond in the unending battle of “good vs. evil.”



Rick McElroy

Principal Cybersecurity Strategist @ VMware Carbon Black | As a security professional for 20 years, I have learned to adapt not only the methodologies but also the technologies to provide, cost effective security solutions that make sense. I am constantly seeking out new information and redesigning my own approaches to information security.


Greg Foss

Senior Threat Researcher @ VMware Carbon Black | In previous roles, Greg led a Threat Research team, built and ran a Global Security Operations program, consulted in penetration testing, and worked as a security analyst for the federal government. He has been involved in blockchain technology and research for the past five years, focused on understanding the technology and the security implications that these technologies will have on the future of digital currency.

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