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Addressing Healthcare Security Challenges


Healthcare organizations are increasingly being targeted by more sophisticated cyberattacks due to the gold mine of personal data they possess. With each merger and acquisition, infrastructure and systems need to be absorbed into a master security foundation.

Furthermore, regulatory bodies recognize the importance of protecting patient data, responding with a patchwork of compliance policies that place overbearing demands on healthcare organizations. This becomes even more difficult to manage with a security skills shortage among employees.

To help combat these issues, we’ve pulled together several Healthcare CISOs and Security Experts to explain how they address each of these problems.

Watch our webinar and hear from our Healthcare IT & Security panel regarding:

  • Best Practices & Security Recommendations for other Healthcare Security Professionals
  • What cybersecurity strategies they employ to maintain a strong security posture
  • How they address compliance and regulatory mandates



Don Cox | Chief Information Security Officer @Mednax

Mark Eggleston | Chief Information Security Officer @Health Parters Plans

David Dowe | Manager, Information Security & Policy @Trillium Health Partners

Ryan Manni | Manager, Security Operations @Hologic

Stacia Tympanick | Senior Solutions Engineer @VMware Carbon Black

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