On-Demand Webinar

Are You At Risk? How CDW’s Threat Check Ecosystem Uncovers Threats in Your Network


CDW Threat Check brings together VMware Carbon Black, Cisco, Splunk and Tenable to expose hidden threats in your environment. This free security assessment leverages the power of each of these technologies to provide tangible evidence of network threats and documented support to help you build a business case for a more proactive approach to cybersecurity.

In this webinar, you’ll walk away with a clearer understanding of:

  • How CDW Threat Check provides a guided assessment of your current security posture
  • How each technology partner adds value and how they work together
  • Key trends of today’s evolving threat landscape



  • Alyssa Miller | Manager, Solutions Practice, CDW
  • Craig Martin | Cybersecurity Engineer, Cisco Systems
  • Jane Cosnowsky | Channel Sales Engineer, Splunk
  • James O’Neill | Channel Sales Engineer, Tenable
  • Michael Pattison | Senior Partner Solutions Manager, VMware Carbon Black

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