Solution Brief

Building an Effective and Efficient SOC


Your endpoints no longer exist in the safe confines of your corporate network—they are in the wild, exposed to new threats every day. This means that you need to accept the very real possibility that intruders have already compromised your systems, regardless of your security posture. On average, it takes organizations more than 7 months to detect a malicious attack and another 81 days to contain it. And the average cost of a breach lasting more than 30 days is $4.86 million, which means that every second counts.

To combat this, Security has evolved from being largely reactive (waiting for alerts to roll in) to proactive—you must constantly be on the hunt for new attacks that evaded detection. A highly efficient security operations center (SOC) enables its skilled defenders to harness both advanced automation and human insight to combat the ubiquitous threat of cybercrime. An intelligence-driven operation can hunt for zero-day threats before an incident has occurred.

VMware Carbon Black offers organizations of all sizes the tools they need to keep their systems safe from both known and unknown attacks—using a single agent and an easy to use console. The solution is lightweight, and easy to deploy on tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of endpoints.

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