Cognitions of a Cybercriminal


With the rising volume of cyberattacks and increase in non-malware techniques, CISOs need to evolve their defenses. This means obtaining better visibility into cybercriminal behavior, and the place to start is with a clear understanding of how today’s cybercriminals think as they execute an attack on a targeted organization.

This whitepaper is based on findings from VMware Carbon Black’s behavioral data and provides CISOs with an added layer of information to enhance Kill Chain and ATT&CK strategies for threat hunting.

Download the whitepaper to get:

  • An understanding of how cybercrime has evolved in the past 2 years.
  • A breakdown of cybercriminal behavior presented in 3 clear phases.
  • Data and analogies to help you explain the threat to executives.
  • Specific actions to take to accordingly reevaluate your security posture.

Learn how visibility into cybercriminal cognitions are the key to defending your organization now and in the future.

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