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Comprehensive Breach Protection from Network to Endpoint


The number of threats that can impact an organization is far greater than the number to which most analysts can manually respond. This problem is amplified by the sheer volume of alerts generated by existing tools, and the difficult task of prioritizing each one. By the time a threat is detected, investigated and manually remediated, dwell time has already been significant, increasing the risk of damage.

BluVector and VMware Carbon Black work together to provide an integrated solution for end-to-end and immediate protection from advanced malware, while also driving efficiency improvements across an organization.

BluVector Cortex’s AI-driven detection engines identify malicious files entering or traversing the network in real time, then alerts VMware Carbon Black to ensure that high-priority threats are blocked at the endpoint before damage is done. When BluVector detects file-based threats, the details of these files are communicated to Carbon Black App Control to distribute out to all protected endpoints. This allows for the endpoints to block or contain the identified malicious files.

Join VMware Carbon Black and BluVector to discover:

  • VMware Carbon Black App Control’s market-leading application control and allowlisting capabilities combined with integrated real-time file and process analysis from BluVector Cortex.
  • How VMware Carbon Black provides visibility laterally across your organization to mitigate any processes that may have become malicious after entering your environment.
  • How integrated network and endpoint security solutions work together to ensure that everything in your environment is known and trusted.

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