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Destructive Cyberattacks are on the Rise


According to the world’s top incident response (IR) professionals, politically motivated cyberattacks from nation-state actors have contributed to an ominous increase in destructive attacks: attacks that are tailored to specific targets, cause system outages, and destroy data in ways designed to paralyze an organization’s operations.

At stake is not only significant financial loss, but also the trustworthiness of the country’s political institutions.

Join VMware Carbon Black’s Chief Cybersecurity Officer, Tom Kellermann, and Security Strategist, Rick McElroy, as they review and discuss the latest findings from the VMware Carbon Black Quarterly Incident Response Threat Report (QIRTR), including:

  • How nefarious cyber criminals use the dark web to access voter databases and purchase hackers for hire
  • How these attackers use counter incident response, lateral movement and island hopping to remain undetected
  • How enterprise IoT devices are being exploited

In this webinar, you’ll gain visibility into the collective experience and insight from nearly 40 leading IR organizations who participated in the VMware Carbon Black quarterly report.



  • Tom Kellermann | Chief Cybersecurity Officer @VMware Carbon Black
  • Rick McElroy | Head of Security Strategy @VMware Carbon Black

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