Endpoint and Server Security: Common Goals, Divergent Solutions

The distribution of IT infrastructure has evolved drastically over the years. Enterprise workloads have moved to the cloud, and due to the recent global health crisis, endpoints have shifted from office to home.

As a result, traditional servers have been transformed into Cloud workloads and containers, but it is still common practice for many organizations to implement the same security controls that are deployed for endpoint devices. Per Gartner “this has been seen as a way of providing ‘compliance,’ reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) or protection and having a ‘single pane of glass.’ However, the security controls for user endpoints and server workloads are diverging.”

The VMware Carbon Black Cloud consolidates security and provides you with what you need to secure your endpoints and server workloads, using a single cloud-based console and lightweight agent. Download this complimentary report by Gartner to learn:

  • Analysis of endpoint and workload protection strategies
  • Why focusing on a workload-centric approach that includes virtualization and container protection is key
  • How to reduce the attack surface and monitor for suspicious behavior across endpoints and servers
  • Recommendations for security and risk management leaders responsible for endpoint and data center infrastructure
  • The importance of “the basics” like configuration and vulnerability management
  • An updated Server and Endpoint Control Hierarchy diagram that combines Endpoint and Workload Protection controls

Gartner, Endpoint and Server Security: Common Goals, Divergent Solutions, Mark Harris, Peter Firstbrook, Tom Croll, 11 January 2021.

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