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Getting More From Less: 4 Ways Replacing AV with a Security Platform Can Help You


The threat landscape is growing increasingly sophisticated and is bypassing traditional antivirus. To combat this IT and security professionals are adding products to their security stack. 48% of organizations are using more than 25 different discrete or point security tools to manage, investigate, and respond to security threats. Each has its own endpoint agent, dataset, console, and back end. The result is a lot of complexity to manage and not enough efficacy.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

What if it was possible to have a single platform that simplified your security stack and improved your protection?  The VMware Carbon Black Cloud is an endpoint protection platform that consolidates multiple capabilities in the cloud, with a single endpoint agent, console, and dataset.

Join us for a webinar where we will discuss:

  • The current state of security and why adding more point solutions isn’t always better
  • How replacing traditional antivirus with consolidated endpoint security in the cloud can improve your protection and simplify your operations
  • How the VMware Carbon Black Cloud can make it easier for you to prevent, investigate, remediate and hunt for threats

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