Getting More From Less: Simplifying Endpoint Security with a Cloud Delivered Platform


IT and security professionals know that the threat landscape is dynamic. Every day, attackers are getting smarter and coming up with new techniques to avoid detection. With non-malware and in-memory attacks now making up 70% of breaches, traditional antivirus (AV) is no longer enough to keep systems safe. In fact, less than a third of organizations believe traditional AV can stop the advanced ransomware attacks that are so prevalent today.

To combat this increased risk, many organizations are adding more products onto their existing security stack, increasing the cost and complexity of their environments. Today, 48% of businesses are using more than 25 different discrete or point security tools to manage, investigate and respond to security threats. Unfortunately, this complexity doesn’t correlate with efficacy for several reasons.

Organizations need a simpler, more flexible solution — one that can remove the friction between IT and security, uniting all the teams in a company with a common source of truth. They need a solution that is easy to set up and use, flexible enough to support a wide range of endpoint security services, customizable enough to fit the specific needs of each organization and easy to expand and grow with their needs and security maturity, without adding additional agents, deployment or training.

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