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Global Threat Report 2018: The Year of the Next-Gen Cyberattack


2016 may have been “The Year of the Fileless Attack” and 2017 may have been “The Year of Ransomware,” but 2018 was, in many respects, “The Year of the Next-Gen Cyberattack.”

These attacks are increasingly being fueled by geopolitical tension and reveal how clever attackers have become in evolving to remain undetected — using techniques such as lateral movement, island hopping and counter incident response to stay invisible.

Join our discussion on the latest in threat intelligence including:

  • The most prevalent ransomware and commodity malware families during the past year
  • Why we’re seeing increases in nation-state cyberattacks
  • The top industries targeted by cyberattacks during the past year
  • Why there was nearly $2 billion in crypto-currency related thefts during the past year

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