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Homefield Advantage: Leveraging VMware Infrastructure to Stop Attackers


Attacks on organizations’ infrastructure have grown increasingly complex, leveraging sophisticated techniques and trusted software to gain access to the most sensitive environments. Complete visibility in the data center has become more important than ever to both security and IT operations teams, and is a critical component of overall security posture. Implementing tools and processes that work together seamlessly will help both groups understand their environment, simplify operations and strengthen security.

Learn how to dramatically increase visibility and stop breaches by leveraging these tools to improve communication, reduce friction, and support collaboration between IT Ops and Security teams.

Watch this webinar to learn about:

  • Increasing Visibility in the Modern Data Center
    Discover how to increase visibility at all levels of your virtualized environment for both infrastructure and security teams, leading to faster response and less downtime.
  • Preventing Lateral Movement
    Learn how to leverage your virtualized infrastructure to reduce the attack surface, automatically identify malicious behavior that indicates attempted lateral movement, and implement orchestrated remediation actions.
  • Securing Critical Applications
    Learn how to effectively secure your most critical applications running in virtualized environments while minimizing downtime and business impact.

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