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How Attackers are Using Island Hopping and Counter IR to Evade Detection


Hackers are becoming bolder. Once upon a time, hackers would abandon attack if they were discovered by their target’s security team. Now, however, attackers are using techniques like island hopping and counter-incident response to fight back against security teams and maintain their grip on the network.

In this webinar, brought to you by IT Pro in association with VMware Carbon Black, you’ll hear from security specialists and independent industry experts. They’ll examine the common strategies that hackers use to combat IR teams, as well as looking at key takeaways from the VMware Carbon Black Global Incident Threat Report and what defenders can learn from it.

We’ll also look at how hackers make use of lateral movement and network traversal methods to access valuable data, as well as how incident response teams can minimise the impact of these tactics, and the best practises that organisations can follow to ensure maximum resiliency.

Tune in to find out:

  • Which industries are most targeted by hackers, and why
  • How island hopping has evolved from other attack method
  • Why counter IR has become such a popular tactic
  • The top techniques used in counter IR
  • How to guard against island-hopping attacks
  • How to train incident response teams to deal with these threats



Andrew Costis | Threat Researcher @VMware Carbon Black

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