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How To Select And Evaluate Endpoint Security Products


93% of organizations are targets of non-malware attacks. At the same time, cyberattackers are innovating faster than traditional defenses can keep up. No wonder 80% of security and IT professionals do not feel adequately prepared to defend their organizations.

It’s time for a new approach to endpoint security. But with so many offerings what should you buy? Join us for a live webinar with Mike Rothman, Analyst & President at Securosis, who will help you navigate the selection process.

During this session you will learn:

  • How to determine the capabilities you need to address the problems you face
  • The top questions you should ask an endpoint security vendor to understand the nuances of their approach

VMware Carbon Black will also share how Endpoint Standard can help you prevent, detect, and respond to threats.



Mike Rothman | Analyst & President @ Securosis

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