Improving Threat Hunting with Big Data for Government IR and CP Teams


While the threat landscape for military and government intelligence teams continues to get worse, security technology is advancing to meet the unique needs of these environments. Now is the perfect time for agency security teams to advance their threat hunting capabilities. Particularly with the ability to utilize unfiltered security data to provide high levels of visibility into attacker activity.

In order to do this, teams need guidance on how to develop their teams, improve their toolset and deploy. This paper aims to provide SOC teams best practices to evolve their people, process and technology and get ahead of adversaries.

Download the Guide to Learn:

  • Why cyberattacks are only getting worse for government agencies
  • Why big data is critical for threat visibility
  • Tips for building an effective threat hunting SOC team
  • Key capabilities to support big data security insights
  • Best practices for threat hunting architecture and deployment

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