On-Demand Webinar

Optimizing Threat Hunting Programs for MacOS & Linux


In today’s world, it’s no longer a matter of if you’ll face a cyberattack, but when — and this applies to all operating systems whether you’re running Windows, MacOS, or Linux. It’s no wonder that 82% of SOCs are investing in implementing threat hunting programs. But threat hunting isn’t always easy— historically it hasn’t even been an option on MacOS or Linux. Combing through logs and SIEM data for indicators of compromise (IOCs) can be tedious, time-consuming and expensive. This means that creating an effective threat hunting program requires a combination of the right tools and the right processes.

Join us for a live webinar in which you will learn:

  • How VMware Carbon Black brings Threat Hunting to MacOS & Linux
  • How access to the right data can help you proactively secure your environment with ease
  • How to automate and scale your hunt
  • Best practices for threat hunting in your organization

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