Protect Your Enterprise An Interview with Tom Kellermann and CyberVista


In today’s climate, maintaining a robust security posture is vital for maintaining your reputation and your brand. Cybercriminals will try to leverage the trust your brand commands with customers to create profit for themselves at your expense. Arm your threat hunting team with the tools to detect and defend against intruders seeking to steal your crown jewels and mine your network for customer information.

Recently, Tom Kellermann sat down with CyberVista, a cybersecurity training and workforce development company, where they covered topics like:

  • How to create a threat profile for your organization
  • How to prioritize your threat hunting team and streamline your response to attacks
  • How to use metrics to measure and drive success

Tom Kellermann focuses on how you can use your threat hunting team to make your organization an undesirable target for cyber criminals.

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CyberVista is a cybersecurity training and workforce development company. Our mission is to create a cyber-ready workforce through personalized training programs providing organizations with the people, knowledge and skills required to defend critical assets.

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