SANS Review: Securing Your Endpoints with VMware Carbon Black


The threat landscape is worsening every day. To combat this, organizations have begun adding more and more tools—leading to overwhelming complexity in security stacks.

Read the SANS review of VMware Carbon Black Cloud to learn how VMware Carbon Black’s platform provides a solution that simplifies endpoint security, while providing protection from advanced attacks.

“In the SANS “Endpoint Protection and Response” survey1 from 2018, 42 percent of respondents indicated at least one of their endpoints had been compromised, and 20 percent didn’t know if any endpoints had been compromised at all. Almost 20 percent found issues by proactively hunting, and more than 15 percent also stated they only discovered endpoint compromise via third-party notification. The last statistic tells the real story here: Many endpoint security tools and tactics in use today are inadequate, and we really need better prevention and detection tools right now.”

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