The Ominous Rise of “Island Hopping” and Counter Incident Response Continues


Cybercrime certainly isn’t basketball — the stakes are higher, your jump shot doesn’t matter — and yet the principle remains the same. As incident response (IR) teams and their vendors raise the defensive bar, adversaries adapt in kind.

According to the world’s leading IR professionals, increasingly sophisticated attacks involving instances of “island hopping,” counter incident response (IR), and lateral movement within a network are quickly becoming the new normal. Tom Kellermann, VMware Carbon Black’s chief cybersecurity officer, concurred, noting that the trend signals a cybercrime wave that’s continuing to evolve.

To stay abreast of the current attack landscape and to quantify the latest attack trends seen by leading IR firms, VMware Carbon Black is publishing its third Global Incident Response Threat Report since introducing it in July 2018. Aggregating qualitative and quantitative input from 40 VMware Carbon Black IR partners, this report aims to offer actionable intelligence for business and technology leaders, fueled by analysis of the newest threats and expert insights on how to stop them.


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