The SANS Guide to Evaluating Next-Generation Endpoint Security


Since the late 80s, traditional AV has been the first line of defense against known malware.  With the growth of cloud computing and mobile devices, however, the network perimeter has moved to the endpoint. With this shift has come the need for new techniques and tools that can counter threats before they take root.

To be truly effective in their security, companies need a consolidated toolset that can protect endpoints from next generation emerging threats much faster than traditional methods. Solutions that use real-time analytics in the cloud enable a much more dynamic, proactive approach to endpoint security than the traditional, reactive, signature-based antivirus technologies.

This is why SANS has created a Guide to Evaluating Next-Generation Endpoint Security.  This guide teaches you what key things to look for in a solution—including product features, operational requirements, and business requirements—and how to prepare for and evaluate a potential product.

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