On-Demand Webinar

Threats on the Rise: Combat Spear Phishing


Spear phishing is among the most common and the most concerning attack vectors used today. Not only is it widespread—it is also the most successful way that cyber criminals acquire personal and confidential information. Many organizations struggle to secure their systems and protect their endpoints from the damage that can be done during a spear phishing campaign.

Join VMware Carbon Black and Osterman Research for a webinar that will cover:

  • the results of a major new threat survey of security-focused decision makers
  • what spear phishing looks like in an environment
  • best practices that organizations can implement to protect users, critical data assets and finances from the damage of spear phishing
  • how VMware Carbon Black combats spear phishing



  • Michael Osterman | President @Osterman Research
  • R Trent Greenwood | Senior SE Manager @VMware Carbon Black

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