VMware Carbon Black Brings Its Community Together and Releases New Cloud-Centric Threat Hunting


Simplified operations and faster product releases are usually among the many potential benefits of cloud adoption. Endpoint security vendor VMware Carbon Black is betting on these as it consolidates its offerings around its cloud architecture and releases new products at an accelerated pace.

As customers adopt more modern, cloud-based infrastructure options, they expect to be able to reap the benefits not only directly, but also indirectly by having their existing vendors adopt these patterns themselves. In the endpoint security space, this translates into being able to leverage cloud-based endpoint security management, which removes much of the operational legwork needed for managing endpoint security across a large fleet. Endpoint security vendor Carbon Black very much wants to be a key player in that space, and the company took a stance with the announcement of its VMware Carbon Black Cloud platform earlier this year. At its user conference in early October (CB Connect), Carbon Black reported on this strategy and released new functionality for advanced threat hunting in the cloud.

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