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Global Threat Report: Defender Power on The Rise – Find Out Why


We know there are bad guys out there looking to steal corporate data and threat levels just seem to get worse by the day. But results from VMware Carbon Black’s second Global Threat Report show that businesses are adjusting to the ‘new normal’ of sustained and sophisticated attacks. Surprisingly, defender confidence is growing, with 79% of global businesses saying they are more confident now than they were 12 months ago in their ability to repel attacks. Why is this?

Our latest Global Threat Report shows that 88% of global businesses were breached in the past 12 months with phishing being the primary cause of breaches, followed by ransomware.

Germany topped the list across the eight countries surveyed, with 98% of companies suffering a breach, closely followed by Australia (97%) and Singapore (96%).

In particular, 92% of global businesses admitted to concerns around digital transformation projects and 5G rollouts. And when asked about how difficult it is to recruit and train specialist staff compared to 12 months ago, just under two thirds of businesses (61%) said that it has become more difficult and this stat increases to 89.5% for German respondents.

  • Comparisons and contrasts between countries across EMEA, Asia Pac and Canada.
  • Tactics for reducing the amount of time that an adversary hunts in your network
  • How threats are changing and why defender confidence is rising, despite this.



Bob Tarzey | Independent Security Analyst

Rick McElroy | Head of Security Strategy @VMware Carbon Black

Tom Kellermann | Chief Cybersecurity Officer @VMware Carbon Black

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