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Why the CISO Role Sucks and What We Should Do to Fix It


The role of CISO is an ever-slogging fight at times to implement security, reduce risk and train employees on basic security hygiene principles. The job tends to east at security executives with its high stress and career risk, plus the role itself is still maturing. So what is a CISO to do? Who would want this type of job? Let’s talk about some ideas on how to help our peers thrive in this role.

Watch this webinar, “Why the CISO Role Sucks and What We Should Do to Fix It!”

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the role of the CISO and its strategic importance to the business.
  • Learn about the stresses, risks, hostile opposition and ambivalence CISOs face daily in their jobs.
  • Learn about initiatives from peers on managing the stress and turmoil as a CISO and be successful.



  • Gary Haslip | VP, CISO @Webroot
  • Rick McElroy | Head of Security Strategy @ VMware Carbon Black


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