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File / Print / DNS Servers: Getting Started with Virtual Infrastructure


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Jun 5, 2006



In this white paper, we will discuss the value of adding virtual infrastructure to the organization to support various staple services such as File and Printing services and DNS. Leveraging VMware ESX Server's iSCSI support, virtual file servers reach new capabilities while keeping costs affordable at the same time. The scalability of virtual networking support in VMware ESX Server 3.0 lends itself especially well in high-bandwidth scenarios when coupled with new processor technology from Intel. New features of ESX Server 3.0 such as clustering, consolidated backup and Distributed Availability Services mean you can ensure 100% availability of file and printing services without the complicated setup of Windows clusters or 3rd party products.

Foedus is a leading provider of Virtualization Infrastructure technologies and services to companies worldwide, specializing in helping organizations utilize emerging technologies to solve their critical business challenges. By offering a unique combination of consulting talent and implementation expertise, Foedus enables companies to realize a measurable return on their VI investment.

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