Why VMware for Kubernetes?

Simplify Cloud Operations

Reduce your operational overhead with automated deployment of Kubernetes clusters and ongoing backup, migration, and monitoring.

Boost Application Resiliency and Availability

Enhance storage availability in your Kubernetes clusters and control plane with proactive failure detection and live migration.

Enable Developer Self-Service on Any Infrastructure

Move away from ticket-based systems and empower developers to access resources on demand through the native Kubernetes API.

Minimize Costs

Reduce total cost and ensure better performance with higher resource utilization and simpler management.

Enforce Data Protection

Ensure containerized apps run on a secure infrastructure with hardware isolation at the Kubernetes cluster, namespace or pod level.

Align With a Global Open-Source Community

Run your business on industry-leading open-source technologies and benefit from the innovation and support of the Kubernetes ecosystem.

Capitalize on Kubernetes

Start with Your Existing vSphere Infrastructure

The vast majority of enterprise workloads already run on vSphere. Now, those workloads can benefit from Kubernetes’ APIs and efficiencies without you having to write any code or integrate any new technologies. Provision clusters right from vCenter with vSphere with Tanzu.

Extend Kubernetes Across Multiple Clouds

The promise of Kubernetes is its power to support containers at scale and ensure portability across clouds. VMware Cloud Foundation with Tanzu offers an integrated stack that includes Kubernetes and a central control plane to set consistent policy and security for all your Kubernetes clusters on-premises and in public clouds. 

Simplify and Secure the Entire Container Lifecycle

Go beyond Kubernetes with the modular capabilities needed to embrace DevSecOps patterns. Tanzu Application Platform addresses the entire container lifecycle, simplifying how developers build modern applications and how operators deliver those apps to production with integrated observability, networking and security. 

Frequently Asked Questions

VMware Tanzu is a portfolio of products and services that transform how enterprises build and operate modern applications on Kubernetes. 

The best place to start is with vSphere with Tanzu or VMware Cloud Foundation with Tanzu. These platforms offer embedded Kubernetes capabilities and simplify adoption across on-premises and public clouds.

Yes. The VMware Tanzu portfolio is cloud and platform independent. We believe you should be able to run your workloads on the environment of your choice. We offer an open source-based implementation of Kubernetes through familiar tools like vCenter, but it can also be consistently deployed and operated across any public cloud and at the edge.

Yes. Tanzu can provision new Kubernetes clusters on vSphere or public cloud, and you can attach and manage any conformant Kubernetes cluster. Tanzu lets you manage policy and security for your entire Kubernetes footprint, regardless of where it resides.

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