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As the oldest professional ballet company in the U.S., the San Francisco Ballet has entertained generations of families since it started in 1933. The organization holds more than 100 performances each year, and plans carefully to avoid interruptions to its schedule due to natural disasters or other calamities. Central to its contingency preparations is VMware vCloud Air Disaster Recovery, which helps the San Francisco Ballet minimize risks and reduce costs so that the show can indeed go on.


San Francisco Ballet and VMware

Watch how the San Francisco Ballet uses VMware vCloud Air Disaster Recovery to easily transition business-critical workloads to the cloud, increasing business resiliency with minimal investment.

San Francisco Ballet and VMware 

Creative Cost Cutting

As a nonprofit organization, the San Francisco Ballet is aware of every dollar it spends. Rather than investing in more capital equipment for its existing disaster recovery site, the organization realized that the cloud was the way to go. By implementing VMware vCloud Air Disaster Recovery, San Francisco Ballet could integrate with its existing VMware vSphere virtualized infrastructure and further reduce the need to invest in disaster recovery infrastructure. Using this approach, the Ballet can redirect some of the IT budget to funding dancers, musicians, choreographers, and other artistic staff.

San Francisco Ballet

Location: San Francisco, CA
Industry: Entertainment
Products: VMware vSphere, vCloud Air Disaster Recovery

A Quick Recovery

VMware vCloud Air Disaster Recovery meets the San Francisco Ballet’s requirement to be up and running within four hours of a disruption. The solution also limits potential information loss to 15 minutes, resulting in minimal data loss. The ability to drag and drop files from the server to the cloud, in real time, further eases day-to-day operations.

What San Francisco Ballet has to say about us

"We needed a strategic disaster recovery plan consistent with our on-premise infrastructure. VMware vCloud Air Disaster Recovery provides that seamless connection and dependable recovery, increasing business resiliency with minimal investment."


Murray Bognovitz, IT Director, San Francisco Ballet


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