Modern SecOps for Distributed IT

Detect and stop current and emerging attacks, and get improved operational confidence and faster resolution with an endpoint and workload protection platform — VMware Carbon Black Cloud, powered by the threat intelligence capabilities of VMware Contexa. Protect users, endpoints, networks, and workloads with VMware, and drive confident decision-making where automation cannot accomplish the job.

Future-Ready Protection

An improved protection for endpoints and workloads that adapts to your unique environment and the evolving threat landscape.

Gain Operational Confidence

Operate from a single source of truth across your environment, enabling you to make confident decisions. 

Faster Time to Resolution

Gain the benefits of high-fidelity detections and the full picture of attacker behavior, accelerating investigation and response times.

VMware Products for Modernizing the SOC

Improve context into risks and threats, respond collaboratively between controls and teams, and ensure visibility across an increasingly distributed IT infrastructure.

Carbon Black Cloud

Best of breed platform for securing endpoints and workloads

Carbon Black MDR

Managed detection and response, supported by our expert threat analyst team

NSX Distributed IDS/IPS

Signature and behavior-based detection of ransomware and other threats at every hop

Security Professional Services

Assess, design, and implement VMware technologies across your control points

Carbon Black Endpoint

Cloud-native endpoint protection

NSX Network Detection & Response

AI-powered correlation of events across multiple detection engines

NSX Sandbox

Enable accurate detection and prevention of unknown and advanced threats

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