Software Configuration Management and Security for VMware Aria Automation (vRealize Automation)

VMware Aria Automation Config (vRealize Automation SaltStack Config) Overview

Learn how SaltStack Config delivers powerful software configuration automation in VMware Aria Automation.

Enforce Infrastructure Security and Compliance

Learn how VMware Aria Automation SaltStack SecOps helps you build and maintain secure, compliant infrastructure.

Benefits of Configuration Automation with VMware Aria Automation Config (vRealize Automation SaltStack Config)

Gain Efficiency

Automate redundant configuration tasks and free up scarce human resources for high-value initiatives.

Accelerate Delivery

Enact change immediately at massive scale across your entire IT footprint.

Enforce Security

Detect and remediate issues quickly while building secure, compliant systems with CIS-certified content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, in terms of features and capabilities. The difference is that SaltStack Config is a component of vRealize Automation, allowing it to be deployed and managed as part of vRealize Automation and seamlessly integrated with VMware Cloud Foundation.

Yes. Salt is an open source automation software maintained by the Salt Project community. VMware Aria Automation Config brings the power and innovation of Salt into VMware Aria Automation with additional enterprise-grade features and support.

VMware Aria Automation Config provides configuration management, software automation and orchestration, and Day 2 management automation for VMware Aria Automation. Get the datasheet to learn more.

Yes. VMware Aria Automation Config brings native configuration management and automation to VMware Aria Automation. However, we are committed to providing choice to our customers and will continue to support and improve integrations with third-party and open-source tools such as Ansible and Puppet.

VMware Aria Automation Config is only available as a component of VMware Aria Automation. It is available to all vRealize Automation 8.x customers as part of VMware Aria Automation Standard Plus, Advanced, and Enterprise editions. vRealize Automation 8.x customers may download VMware Aria Automation Config from their MyVMware portal or submit a non-technical support ticket to get access to the component.

VMware Aria Automation Config for Secure Hosts is the vulnerability and compliance management component to VMware Aria Automation. It is available for license as a separate add-on component for VMware Aria Automation Config and is not included out of the box with any edition of VMware Aria Automation. Get the datasheet to learn more.

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