Simplify Your Oracle IT Environment for Agility and Control

Increase options, fine-tune control and optimize efficiency when you run business-critical Oracle apps on VMware Cloud architecture. Enable your Oracle IT and application administrators to more effectively leverage your storage, network and computing resources to control costs and respond faster to changing business needs.

Respond to Business Needs Faster

Install Oracle databases and applications on the most trusted virtualization platform to get the most out of your existing resources with a dramatically simplified hybrid cloud infrastructure. 

Reduce Licensing Cost

Take advantage of license consolidation by deploying Oracle databases to vSphere, increasing utilization of licensed processors to reduce license requirements while maintaining records for compliance.

Get VMware Support from Oracle

Enjoy enhanced support for Oracle products running in VMware environments. Oracle fully supports the virtualization of Oracle software on VMware.

VMware Products for Oracle on Hybrid Cloud

Explore VMware products that enable enterprise Oracle applications on hybrid and multi-cloud architectures.

VMware Cloud on AWS

Consistent vSphere-based infrastructure delivered on AWS


Server virtualization software

vSphere High Availability

Uniform and cost-effective failover protection

VMware Cloud Foundation

Hybrid cloud platform

VMware vRealize Operations

Self-driving IT operations management

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution

VMware Cloud delivered on Oracle Cloud

vSphere vMotion

Zero downtime workload migration

Distributed Resource Scheduler

Improve vSphere workload management

VMware vCloud Suite

Automation and operations with lifecycle management

VMware Site Recovery Manager

Disaster recovery for private cloud

Additional Benefits

Improve Scalability and Performance 

Reduce direct hardware costs when virtualizing database workloads and realize significant operational cost savings.

Boost Efficiency

Make more efficient use of physical RAM, dynamically allocate resources to virtual machines, and use Dynamic Resource Scheduler to load balance VMs.

Architect Full Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Choose from a variety of solutions based on VMware Cloud Foundation, such as Oracle Cloud VMware Solutions or VMware Cloud on AWS.

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