Improving the Digital Employee Experience with Intelligent Hub Services

Find out how your organization can use Hub services to get the most out of Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub.

Why is Digital Employee Experience Important?

Empowered and productive employees lead to great customer experiences, resulting in higher top-line and bottom-line business growth. Monitoring the technology gaps that hinder people from accomplishing their objectives is key to successful digital transformation. Remote work is not just a benefit anymore but something all organizations need to embrace and efficiently deliver as part of their Anywhere Workspace.

Deliver An Amazing Experience

Intelligent Hub is at the center of employee experience delivery, providing services and resources throughout the employee lifecycle from pre-hire and onboarding experiences to day-to-day app access and corporate communications.

Measure Employee Experience

Ensure employee experience and productivity by continuously measuring and monitoring digital workspace metrics that impact end user experience. Gather employee sentiment through customized and contextual surveys. Gain end to end visibility and insights into the overall employee experience and quickly surface users, apps and devices with poor experiences that need your attention.

Analyze Issues

Proactively identify issues or predict them before users notice, troubleshoot with in-context dashboards and reports to efficiently find the root cause.

Remediate with Automation

Fix issues quickly with automated workflow and employee notifications. Leverage 3rd party integrations across your IT ecosystem to speed up remediation and reduce time to resolution. Provide real time remote support to end users with remote view and control capabilities.

Benefits of a Digital Employee Experience Strategy

Increased Employee Satisfaction

Delivering seamless experiences and minimizing tech disruptions is key to keeping employees engaged and productive anywhere.

Manage a Comprehensive Digital Employee Experience

An end user experience management software that empowers organizations to monitor, measure and improve employee experience, from anywhere and on any device.

Cultivate a Remote First Culture

When organizations deploy sophisticated technology to their remote workforce, employees become brand ambassadors who deliver the best customer experiences.

Accelerate Onboarding

Onboarding is more than just an employee’s first day at an organization; it covers transitions to working from home, new roles, returning to the office, device refreshes, and more.

Attract and Retain Talent

When digital workplaces are designed with end-user experience in mind, employees are happier and more productive leading to lower attrition rates.

Engage Employees with an Adoption Program

An adoption program ensures employees leverage technology as part of their day-to-day and understand the benefit of the tools and value to the organization.


Digital employee experience is the combination of the experiences provided to the employee through an integrated digital workspace hub, and the experience management solutions provided to IT to measure, correlate, and remediate experience issues, underpinned by AI. VMware offers an extremely comprehensive digital employee experience solution including Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub, Digital Employee Experience Management, and Workspace ONE Assist.

With the acceleration of digital transformation, and the imperative of the business to support flexible work, all organizations are now being measured on employee experience and its related effect on productivity. Employee experience is critical to the success of a shift to an “anywhere organization.”

Successful employee experience projects that are delivered by IT have partnership with HR, line of business decision makers and employee stakeholders.

The end-user computing landscape in many organizations is a number of silos—different devices and operating systems, identity and access providers, applications stacks and more. All of this provides a disjointed employee experience. Organizations are challenged to cut across these silos and provide an integrated and seamless employee experience to their workforce, and lack the visibility to measure experiences with a comprehensive experience score. By combining employee experience with experience management, IT can improve the employee experience and efficiently remediate issues when they arise. 


Digital Employee Experience Management (DEEM) is the process of measuring all interactions with digital tools, such as device, OS, apps, network, etc., and delivering a seamless, device-agnostic user experience and security across all major mobile and desktop platforms—including Windows 10, macOS, iOS and Android. 

Digital Employee Experience Management aggregates data from multiple sources, analyses, applies machine learning models and delivers employee, app and device experience scores, as well as a wide range of dashboards and reports. Admins can then identify anomalies and predict issues, and deliver a fix using the powerful automation engine.

After a successful technology roll out, you will need to explain to users the benefits that Workspace ONE brings to them, to ensure they engage enthusiastically. You want to empower your users to make the most of the new tool and become proficient using it.

Check out the End User Adoption page for adoption and change management guidance and enablement tools

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