Achieve 351% ROI Over Three-Year with VMware Cloud

Use infrastructure resources more efficiently. Improve IT and employee productivity with less unplanned downtime and maximize your return on investment (ROI) with VMware Cloud.

46% Faster Migration

Migrate faster to public cloud and rapidly move workloads back and forth between on-premises and cloud with ease.

57% Lower Migration Costs

Minimize costs related to lost productivity and revenue by reducing the frequency and duration of unplanned outages.

39% Lower Infrastructure Costs

Enable more efficient use of infrastructure resources, thereby reducing costs for running similar workloads and applications.

What You Need to Know About Cloud Economics

Refactoring and Rework

The cost of switching clouds is often minimized or overlooked. The amount of time to refactor and rework when moving from one type of cloud to another is often underestimated.

Talent Reskilling

People often underestimate how to hire talent or scale teams because platforms often require new thinking and new technologies.

Optionality and Lock-In

The decision to move to a new platform comes with risks and involves unseen effort to change platforms down the road. Don’t let it become a blind spot.

Operational Costs

Administrative overhead costs and egress fees (costs of moving data) can add up. Cloud management partners can perform upgrades and updates to save you money.

Savings Over On Premises

Generate a custom TCO report to compare the cost of on-premises infrastructure versus VMware Cloud on AWS.

Total Economic Impact

Understand the benefits and cost reductions of VMware Cloud on AWS before you invest.

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