VMware Education Reseller Partners are focused on reselling VMware learning solutions, while our VMware Authorized Training Center Partners are focused on delivering VMware learning solutions. Often, VMware Authorized Training Centers are also, VMware Education Reseller Partners. Through their global presence and expertise, these partners provide multiple options for VMware customers.

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Partner Reseller Training Center Countries
AFI Expertise     Canada
Arrow ECS Canada Ltd     Canada
Arrow Enterprise Computing, Inc. Alternative Technology Group     India
Alchemy Solution     United States
Dell     United States
Fast Lane Consulting and Education Services, Inc     United States
Global Knowledge (US)     United States
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Canada Co. (HPE)     Canada
HPE Education US     United States
Ingram Micro Inc     United States
Learning Tree International, Inc.     Canada
New Horizons Computer Learning Centers     United States
New Horizons Guam     United States
NterOne     United States
NterOne Canada     Canada
Tech Data Canada Corporation     Canada
TechData/ExitCertified     United States
VMware User Group (VMUG)     United States
Partner Reseller Training Center Countries
Adistec     Bolivia
Adistec Brasil Informatica Ltda     Brazil
Adistec Chile S.P.A.     Chile
Adistec Colombia S.A.S     Colombia
Adistec Corp     Trinidad And Tobago
Adistec Corp     Bahamas
Adistec Corp     Barbados
Adistec Corp     Bermuda
Adistec Corp     Cayman Islands
Adistec Corp     Dominican Republic
Adistec Corp     Haiti
Adistec Corp     Jamaica
Adistec Corp     Puerto Rico
Adistec Costa Rica, SA     Costa Rica
Adistec Panamá, SA     Panama
Adistec Peru S.A.C.
Adistec S.A.     Ecuador
Afina Argentina     Argentina
Afina Chile     Chile
Afina Peru     Peru
AFINA SYSTEMS INC. Costa Rica     Costa Rica
AFINA SYSTEMS INC. Guatemala     Guatemala
AFINA SYSTEMS INC. Panama     Panama
AFINA SYSTEMS INC. Puerto Rico     Puerto Rico
AFINA SYSTEMS INC. Trinidad &Tobago     Trinidad And Tobago
Afina Venezuela     Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic Of
Bertini do Brasil Ltda     Brazil
Ensamble, Inc. (Caribbean)     Colombia
Ensamble, Inc. (Caribbean)     Mexico
Equanet     Argentina
Global Knowledge - Mexico     Mexico
Global Knowledge Colombia     Colombia
Hewlett Packard Colombia Ltda.     Colombia
Hewlett Packard Servicios Profesionales S de RL de CV     Mexico
Hewlett-Packard Brasil Ltda     Brazil
Hewlett-Packard Chile, Comerical Limitada     Chile
Ingram Micro Mexico S.A. de C.V.     Mexico
Licencias ON Line México, S.A. de C.V.     Mexico
Licencias On Line S.A.C     Peru
Licencias Online S.A     Argentina
NterOne Brasil LTDA     Brazil
NTERONE DR, SRL.     Dominica Republic
Nterone Mexico SA de CV     Mexico
NterOne Latam LLC     Costa Rica
NterOne Latam LLC     Ecuador
NterOne Latam LLC     Guatemala
NterOne Latam LLC     Puerto Rico
NterOne Latam LLC     Trinidad And Tobago
NterOne Latam LLC     Bahamas
NterOne Latam LLC     Barbados
NterOne Latam LLC     Bermuda
NterOne Latam LLC     Cayman Islands
NterOne Latam LLC     Haiti
NterOne Latam LLC     Jamaica
Westcon Brasil Ltda     Brazil
Westcon CALA, Inc     Guatemala
Westcon CALA, Inc     Belize
Westcon CALA, Inc     Costa Rica
Westcon CALA, Inc     El Salvador
Westcon CALA, Inc     Honduras
Westcon CALA, Inc     Nicaragua
Westcon CALA, Inc     Panama
Westcon Group Colombia LTDA     Colombia
Westcon Mexico S.A. de C.V.     Mexico
Partner Reseller Training Center WDP Partners Countries
Advanced Training Pty Ltd       Australia
Alchemy Solution       India
Avantus Training Pte Ltd       Singapore
Beijing Xiao Tong Hong Zhi Technology Co.Ltd.       China
Bestcom Infotech Corp Co Ltd       Taiwan
CASAREAL,inc       Japan
Certification Guru       India
Cloudassist Services Pte Ltd       Singapore
CloudThat Technologies Pvt Ltd.       India
Corvit Networks Pvt. Ltd       Pakistan
CTC Technology Corporation       Japan
D Succeed Learners Private Limited       India
Datec (Fiji) Pte Limited       Fiji
Datec PNG Ltd       Papua New Guinea
DDLS       Philippines
Dell Technologies       Australia & New Zealand
Digital China Technology Ltd       China
DELL JAPAN,Inc       Japan
EastHome (beijing) Consulting Service Co.,Ltd       China
ECS Computers (HK) Limited       China
FastLane Korea       Korea, Republic Of
FUJITSU Learning Media Limited       Japan
Hangzhou Boxue Info Technology Ltd.       China
Hangzhou Cloudshell Technology Company Limited       China
Hewlett Packard Enterprise India Private Limited       India
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Philippines Corporation       Philippines
Hewlett Packard Japan, G.K.       Japan
Hewlett-Packard (Thailand) Ltd       Thailand
Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (M) Sdn Bhd       Malaysia
Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Australia       Australia
Hewlett-Packard Enterprise HK SAR Ltd       Hong Kong
Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Taiwan Ltd.       Taiwan
Hewlett-Packard Singapore (Sales) Pte. Ltd       Singapore
Hitachi Academy Co., Ltd.       Japan
HPE Korea       Korea, Republic Of
ICT TRAINING LLC       Mongolia
IFS Academy       India
Infotics Institute of Technology       Pakistan
Ingram Micro Asia Pte Ltd       Singapore
Ingram Micro Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.       China
ITEL Learning Systems S Pte Ltd       Singapore
ITMS Technologies (Beijing) Co., Ltd.       China
IVT Solutions (Thailand) Co., Ltd       Thailand
IVT System Sdn. Bhd.       Malaysia
Kenfil Hong Kong LImited       Hong Kong
Knowledgecom Corporation Sdn Bhd       Malaysia
Koenig Solutions       Australia & New Zealand
Koenig Solutions Limited       India
Kura-lab Co., Ltd.       Japan
Lakmali Information Technology       Sri Lanka
LearnQuest Australia Pty Ltd       Australia
Lityx Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd       China
Lumify Work       Australia, New Zealand
Multicampus co.ltd       Korea, Republic Of
Nanjing Kepurui Information Technology Co. ,Ltd       China
NEC Management Partner,Ltd.       Japan
Net One Systems Co., Ltd.       Japan
Networld Corp.       Japan
Next-One Technology       Bangladesh
NextTech Learning       Australia
NGN-SF Corporation       Japan
NTT Data Intellilink Corporation       Japan
NTT India Private Ltd       India
NTUC LearningHub Pte Ltd       Singapore
Palmeto Solutions       India
PT Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Berca Servisindo       Indonesia
PT Tech Data Advanced Solutions Indonesia       Indonesia
PT Trainocate Networks Indonesia       Indonesia
Red Education India Private Limited       India
Red Education Pty Ltd       Australia
RJP Infotek Pvt Ltd       India
RPS Consulting Private Limited       India
Shanghai Nanyang Wanbang Information Technology Service Co.,Ltd       China
Shanghai Tengke Education & Technology co.,Ltd       China
Spectrum Networks P. Ltd.       India
SSDN Technologies       India
Suhou jiayehe Information Technology Service Co., Ltd       China
Systex Corporation       Taiwan
Talentnet Infosolutions Pvt Ltd       India
The Enterprise Resources Training Co.       Thailand
Tianjin Vowei Education Technology Co., Ltd.       China
Trainocate (M) Sdn. Bhd.       Malaysia
Trainocate (S) Pte Ltd       Singapore
Trainocate Japan, Ltd       Japan
Trainocate Vietnam Company Limited       Vietnam
Vectra Technosoft Pvt Ltd       India
VSTECS Phils Inc       Philippines
Xelware       Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos
Xiamen infocloud software Technology Co., Ltd.       China
Youngwoo Digital Co Ltd       Korea, Republic of
Partner Reseller Training Center Countries
ACLS     Morocco
AddOn (Schweiz) AG     Switzerland
AddOn AG     Germany
Adept Solutions Pvt Ltd     Zimbabwe
Advancia Training     Morocco
Advancia Training     Tunisia
AKTINA     Cyprus
ALEF Distribucija Adria d.o.o.     Serbia
Alef distribucija d.o.o.     Croatia
Algebra     Croatia
Alkhaleej Training and Education Co.     Saudi Arabia
Also Latvia     Latvia
Altkom Akademia S.A.     Poland
APTEC DISTRIBUTION FZ-LLC     United Arab Emirates
Arrow ECS Denmark A/S     Denmark
Arrow ECS Finland Oy     Finland
Arrow ECS GmbH     Germany
Arrow ECS Internet Security AG     Austria
Arrow ECS Internet Security AG     Switzerland
Arrow ECS Kft     Hungary
Arrow ECS N.V. / S.A     Belgium
Arrow ECS Norway AS     Norway
Arrow ECS SAS     France
Arrow ECS Spain     Spain
Arrow ECS Sp. z o.o.     Poland
Arrow ECS Sweden AB     Sweden
Arrow ECS, a.s.     Czech Republic
Arrow Enterprise Computing     United Kingdom
Clevory Training     Tunisia
Computer Gross S.p.A     Italy
Computer Learning Centre     Kenya
Computer Pride     Kenya
Cornerstone Group AB     Sweden
Dell GmbH     Germany
Dell Technologies South Africa     South Africa
Digicomp Academy AG     Switzerland
EDU Trainings s.r.o.     Czech Republic
Esprinet SpA     Italy
Exedin Training Academy CC     Namibia
ExperTeach GmbH     Germany
Fast Lane     United Kingdom
Fast Lane Benelux BV     Netherlands
Fast Lane Computer Consultancy FZ LLC     United Arab Emirates
Fast Lane Germany     Germany
Fast Lane Institute for Knowledge Transfer (Switzerland) AG     Switzerland
Fast Lane Italia s.r.l.     Italy
Fastlane Slovakia     Slovakia
Fastlane Slovenia     Slovenia
Fast Lane Ukraine Ltd     Ukraine
Fast Lane Institute for Knowledge Transfer France SAS     France
Fondo     Netherlands
Glasspaper     Norway
Global Knowledge - Egypt     Egypt
Global Knowledge - Saudi Arabia     Saudi Arabia
Global Knowledge - United Arab Emirates     United Arab Emirates
Global Knowledge Belgium     Belgium
Global Knowledge Denmark     Denmark
Global Knowledge France     France
Global Knowledge Netherlands     Netherlands
Global Knowledge UK     United Kingdom
Global Knowledge Network Spain     Spain
Hector Fast Lane Poland sp. z o.o.     Poland
HPE Education Austria     Austria
HPE Education Baltics     Finland
HPE Education Belgium     Belgium
HPE Education Bulgaria     Bulgaria
HPE Education Croatia     Croatia
HPE Education Czech     Czech Republic
HPE Education Egypt     Egypt
HPE Education France     France
HPE Education Germany     Germany
HPE Education Greece     Greece
HPE Education Hungary     Hungary
HPE Education Israel     Israel
HPE Education Italy     Italy
HPE Education KSA     Saudi Arabia
HPE Education Netherlands     Netherlands
HPE Education Poland     Poland
HPE Education Portugal     Portugal
HPE Education Romania     Romania
HPE Education Services, Algeria     Algeria
HPE Education Services, Morocco     Morocco
HPE Education Slovenia     Slovenia
HPE Education Spain     Spain
HPE Education Sweden     Sweden
HPE Education Switzerland     Switzerland
HPE Education Turkey     Turkey
HPE Education UAE     United Arab Emirates
HPE Education UK     United Kingdom
HPE Education Ukraine     Ukraine
IB Groupe Cegos     FRANCE
Ingram Micro d.o.o. Beograd     Serbia
IT Distribution LLC     Ukraine
IT Learning Solutions Training Services     United Arab Emirates
ITLS Training & Consulting GmbH     Austria
Impactful     South Africa
IPMasters     Jordan
John Bryce Training Ltd     Israel
JMG Virtual Consulting     Spain
Learneo DZ     Algeria
Linux Plus Information Systems L.L.C     Egypt
NDB Ltd.     Bulgaria
Oo2 Senegal SAS     Senegal
Performance Technologies Cyprus Ltd     Cyprus
QA LTD.     United Kingdom
Rumos II Formação SA     Portugal
SARL Formini     Algeria
Semos Computers Education Center     Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic Of
Sureskills     Ireland
Systematika Distribution s.r.l.     Italy
TD SYNNEX Poland sp. z o.o.     Poland
TD SYNNEX Bucharest S.r.l.     Romania
TD SYNNEX AS Czech s.r.o.     Czech Republic
TD SYNNEX France S.A.S.     France
TD SYNNEX Germany GmbH & Co. OHG     Germany
TD SYNNEX Italy s.r.l.     Italy
TD SYNNEX UK Limited     United Kingdom
TD SYNNEX Switzerland GmbH     Switzerland
The Campus     Belgium
Torque IT     South Africa
TRAINING360 KFT.     Hungary
Trifork B.V.     Netherlands
TD SYNNEX Spain S.L.U.     Spain
TD SYNNEX Netherlands B.V.     Netherlands
TD SYNNEX Austria GmbH     Austria
TD SYNNEX Belgium B.V.     Belgium
TD SYNNEX Ireland Limited     Ireland
TD SYNNEX Portugal, Lda     Portugal
vSmart Bilgi Teknolojileri Limited Sirketi     Turkey
Zenika     France
2SCA Informatique     Tunisia
2SCA Training     Tunisia
42talents GmbH     Switzerland