Automate DevSecOps with Full Lifecycle Container Security

Bridging the Developer and Security Divide

Collaboration recommendations for IT, development, and security teams

Security Hygiene for DevOps

Security needs to be an inherent part of the DevOps process and automated during development so you can deploy quality applications faster.

Full Lifecycle Container Security at the Speed of DevOps

Balance business agility and speed to market without compromising security. VMware empowers organizations to secure the complete lifecycle of Kubernetes applications, detect and fix vulnerabilities and misconfigurations before deployment, meet compliance standards, and achieve simple, secure multi-cloud and hybrid cloud Kubernetes environments at scale.

Complete Visibility into Kubernetes Security Posture

Provide the visibility and control that Application Security and DevOps teams need to secure Kubernetes clusters and the applications deployed on them.

Scan Container Images for Vulnerabilities at Build

Scan Container Images for Vulnerabilities at Build

Provide visibility into all containers running in production and ensure they have been scanned to enforce security policies. Restrict registries and ensure only approved images are deployed to production.

Automate and Customize Compliance Policy

Create automated, customizable policies to enforce secure configuration and ensure compliance with organizational requirements and industry standards such as CIS benchmarking.

Governance & Enforcement

Governance & Enforcement

Enforce policies from build to deployment to detect vulnerabilities and misconfigurations and prevent them from being deployed to production. Focus on the most severe risks to Kubernetes environments.

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