Hyperconverged Infrastructure Solutions for Horizon

Unlike other hyperconverged platforms, only solutions with Horizon deployed on VMware Hyperconverged Infrastructure Software deliver an all-VMware solution stack that's optimized for desktop and app virtualization.

Dell EMC VxRail and VMware Horizon

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Dell EMC VxRail and VMware Horizon

Get up and running quickly with VMware Hyperconverged Infrastructure Software - a tightly integrated software stack ideal for Horizon desktop and application virtualization.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI)

The convergence of physical storage onto industry-standard x86 servers enables a building block approach with scale-out capabilities.

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VDI Made Easy - Finally

Everything you need to get started with desktop and app virtualization from a single vendor, for as little as $10 per user per month.

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VMware Hyperconverged Infrastructure Software with Horizon Delivers

Off-the-Shelf Simplicity

Drastically reduce the time needed to plan, design, upgrade and scale your environment with confidence. Easily scale by simply adding individual nodes or appliances, providing the right balance of compute, memory and storage resources.

Industry-Leading Performance

Get 3X better memory efficiency and up to 2X better CPU efficiency with an optimized data path and tight, kernel-level integration between vSphere and vSAN.

Uncompromised User Experience

Provide a consistently great user experience with a rapidly-delivered, fully-customized desktop from the first time a user logs in. Integrated in-guest metrics and real-time analytics enable IT to isolate faults faster and reduce help desk costs while increasing user satisfaction.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Dell EMC VxRail and vSAN ReadyNode solutions offer small footprints and low cost configurations that overcome the CapEx hurdle to getting started with VDI. Begin by deploying a small environment for as few as 100 users and grow as needed without sacrificing performance.

Deployment Options 

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vSAN ReadyNode

vSAN ReadyNode are x86 servers, available from all the leading server vendors, that have been pre-configured, tested and certified for VMware Hyperconverged Infrastructure Software. Each ReadyNode is optimally configured for vSAN with the required amount of CPU, memory, network, I/O controllers and storage (SSDs, HDDs or flash devices). More information about vSAN ReadyNode.  


Dell EMC VxRail


Dell EMC VxRail is a turnkey Hyperconverged Appliance solution to get up and running quickly. Based on VMware's Hyperconverged Infrastructure Software, it provides the performance advantages of kernel level integration and adds a layer to simplify provisioning and management of the datacenter. More information about Dell EMC VxRail.

Moving to the Cloud?

Deliver ultimate simplicity and flexibility with the only virtualization platform that lets you deliver desktops and apps on premises, off premises or in between with a single cloud control plane.  

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Solution Brief: vSAN with Horizon  

vSAN with Horizon delivers radically simple storage for virtual desktops and apps.

vSAN ReadyNode Compatibility Guide  

Choose the vSAN version you want to deploy, pick a ReadyNode profile based on your specific needs, select your preferred server vendor, and then pick one of the available models.

Solution Brief: Dell EMC VxRail with VMware Horizon  

Dell EMC VxRail with VMware Horizon enables you to build a radically simple infrastructure for delivering the digital workspace

Extending EUC Cost Leadership With VMware Horizon On VxRail  

TCO Analysis: compare VxRail with VMware Horizon solution to traditional infrastructure