VMware vCloud® Automation Center™ enables the agility your business needs with the control IT requires through a flexible solution for automating the delivery of IT services.

vCloud Automation Center Overview Video

vCloud Automation Center Overview Video

vCloud Automation Center Overview Video

Cloud Automation Business Case

Cloud Automation Business Case

IT Transformation at Covance

IT Transformation at Covance

VMware Cloud Management Marketplace

VMware Cloud Management Marketplace

Simplified Self-Service

Gain on-demand access to personalized infrastructure and application services.

Automated Service Delivery

Automate the end-to-end delivery and management of infrastructure and application services leveraging existing infrastructure, tools and processes.

Application Deployment

Provision and manage applications or roll your own platform as a service using out-of-the-box application components and ready-to-run partner solutions available on the VMware® Cloud Applications Marketplace™.

Unified Cloud Management

Seamlessly span multi-vendor private, public and hybrid clouds. Model the service once and deploy anywhere.

Policy-Based Governance

Ensure that each user receives the right size compute resource or application at the right service level for the job they need to perform.

Flexible Automation Platform

Rapidly customize and extend our comprehensive, purpose-built functionality to meet unique IT and business needs.

Intelligent Resource Management

Ensure higher IT resource utilization through placement, prevention and reclamation of resources across virtual, physical and cloud resources.

Fastest Time to Value

Empower IT to transform their existing compute resources into scalable Infrastructure or platform as a service in days, using existing IT investments and established business and IT policies and processes.

Upgrade to vCloud Suite

vCloud Automation Center is part of VMware vCloud® Suite, an integrated cloud infrastructure solution.

vCloud Automation Support Center

Self-serve support to help you adapt vCloud Automation Center to your environment.

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