Increase Flexibility, Lower Costs with vSAN 8

Take your software-defined storage to the next level. vSAN 8 offers powerful management features, vSAN Express Storage Architecture with a new storage pool construct, and more. You can deliver performant, developer-ready infrastructure that’s even more resilient and cost-effective than ever.

Meet vSAN 8 with Express Storage Architecture

vSAN 8 with Express Storage Architecture delivers the highest levels of performance and efficiency from your next-generation storage devices.

Optimized Performance

Boost performance on next-generation devices by up to 4x, without compromising space efficiency.

Supreme Efficiency

Lower storage TCO by up to 40% with enhanced data compression and adaptive storage efficiencies.

Heightened Resilience

Boost availability and meet higher SLA requirements through a new storage pool construct.

Agile Operations

Enjoy a consistent, intuitive management experience across all vSAN deployments and architectures.

Get Your Hybrid Cloud Future-Ready

Decentralized IT is here to stay, and your teams need simple, high-performing, reliable infrastructure that can run any application in any environment—at the edge, in the core data center and in the cloud. vSAN 8 lets you deliver developer-ready infrastructure with increased resiliency, optimized performance and efficiency, and simplified operations.

Technical Overview: What’s New in vSAN 8

See the new features and enhancements in the latest release.

Introducing vSAN+

Deliver cloud-connected, subscription-based vSAN services for on-premises deployments.

Run Modern Apps on vSAN HCI

Learn how hyperconverged infrastructure powered by vSAN supports modern applications.

Meet New Business and IT Demands

Get a broad technical overview of vSAN, along with use cases and industry-specific insights.

New Capabilities in vSAN 8

Optimize Performance and Efficiency of Next-Generation Devices with vSAN Express Storage Architecture

  • Performance optimization for next-generation storage devices: vSAN Express Storage Architecture was designed with a new data path to efficiently leverage next-generation storage devices and deliver a wide range of price/performance targets. Updated erasure coding reduces performance overhead and enables you to achieve R5/6 at the performance of R1. Achieve up to 4x higher performance while maintaining the highest levels of data protection and space efficiency.
  • Supreme resource and space efficiency: Optimized compression methods deliver up to 4x greater compression ratios, creating higher space savings, while a single-tier architecture enhances the overall efficiency of the storage, as all storage devices contribute to capacity.
  • Enhanced availability and resiliency: vSAN Express Storage Architecture reduces failure domains and further improves availability with the introduction of storage pools.
  • Native data protection: Snapshots are now natively integrated within vSAN Express Storage Architecture, enabling you to protect your data up to 100x faster snapshot operations. Connect vSAN Express Storage Architecture to third party backup solutions via API for simple, enhanced data protection and backup management experience.

Enhance HCI Management

  • Increased management flexibility: Movement to per-VM policies increases flexibility of management, allowing you to set compression policies or customize data services on a per-VM basis.
  • Consistent management experience: If you’re leveraging vSAN Express Storage Architecture in addition to the original storage architecture, you will enjoy a consistent experience across vSAN architectures using the same tools you’ve been familiar with. There is no need to deploy multiple management platforms or retrain architects and administrators.
  • Proactive insights: vSAN 8 introduces proactive insights for vSAN clusters connected to VMware Analytics Cloud. This feature proactively identifies software/hardware compatibility or support gaps and alerts you before a potential issue arises. With Proactive Insights, vSAN also alerts you if the hardware you’re running will be incompatible with future software releases. 

Maximize Capacity Utilization

  •  Increased write buffer: In vSAN 8 the write buffer maximum is increased from 600GB to 1.6TB, enabling you to fully utilize capacity in all-flash arrays.

Ready to Get Started?

Take your software-defined storage to the next level with vSAN 8, more agile and cost-effective than ever.