Cloud Infrastructure & Management Services

Deploy a Software-Defined Environment

  • Virtualize compute, storage, and network resources
  • Integrate automation and orchestration tools
  • Automate infrastructure management
  • Extend the network to hybrid/public cloud

Automate and Manage Multi-Cloud Operations

  • Create cloud templates, service catalogs, and infrastructure as code pipelines and implement IT processes and workflows
  • Implement configuration and vulnerability management
  • Build and configure dashboards and alerts for monitoring performance, capacity, remediation, and compliance
  • Configure network and log data analytics to improve visibility

Migrate Workloads

  • Discover and analyze infrastructure and applications
  • Map application dependencies
  • Plan migration packages
  • Migrate iteratively

Implement Disaster Recovery as a Service

  • Create and implement a comprehensive disaster recovery strategy
  • Simplify disaster recovery operations
  • Establish ongoing processes to validate disaster recovery plans and remove configuration drift

Develop a Successful Multi-Cloud Operating Model

  • Define and evolve cloud capabilities and solutions
  • Unlock value and accelerate transformation with innovative platform services
  • Enhance platform performance and efficiency with improved cross-team collaboration and new ways of work
  • Simplify operating models with efficient and modern practices

Build an Efficient Cloud Foundation for Cloud Providers

  • Design, deploy, and onboard cloud service delivery platform
  • Implement and monetize cloud services
  • Integrate with third-party solutions: back-up, ITSM, load balancer, and autoscaling

Modernize Apps and Cloud

  • Identify business outcomes and create an ROI for modernization
  • Prioritize apps to be modernized based on business, technical, and organizational factors
  • Refactor, replatform, rehost, and/or retire apps
  • Implement modern cloud and app platforms
  • Create modern IT teams, dev teams, and processes

Other Professional Services


Create software-defined networks and WANS and secure your apps and data

App Modernization

Services to support the evolution of your app strategy

Anywhere Workspace

Achieve inspiring and productive employee experiences


Transforming the safety of your system across every control point

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