What is Bitfusion?

Bitfusion supports AI- and ML-based workloads by virtualizing hardware accelerators. Multi-vendor hardware accelerators and the ecosystem around them are key components for delivering modern applications. These accelerators can be used regardless of location in the environment – on-premises and/or in the cloud.

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How does Bitfusion work?

Bitfusion decouples physical resources from servers within an environment. The platform can share GPUs in a virtualized infrastructure, as a pool of network-accessible resources, rather than isolated resources per server. Bitfusion also supports other accelerators such as Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) and Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs). Bitfusion works across AI frameworks, clouds, networks, and formats such as virtual machines and containers.


Dynamic GPU attach anywhere

Bitfusion disaggregates your GPU compute and dynamically attaches GPUs anywhere in the datacenter just like attaching storage.

Standard based GPU and FPGA

Leverage GPUs across an infrastructure plus integrate evolving technologies such as FPGAs and custom ASICs using the same infrastructure.

Fractional GPUs for Efficiency

Bitfusion enables use of any arbitrary fractions of GPUs. Support more users in test and development phase .

Application Run Time Virtualization

Bitfusion attaches GPUs based on CUDA calls at run-time, maximizing utilization of GPU servers anywhere in the network.

Any Application

Bitfusion is a transparent layer and runs with any workload, framework, container or hypervisor.

Cloud Independent

Deploy on-premise or in the public cloud. Supports hybrid cloud. Get AWS-like services for your datacenter.


The most advanced GPU virtualization technology to accelerate AI, ML and HPC.


FlexDirect connects any compute servers remotely, over any Ethernet, IB or RoCE network to GPU servers pools while attaching and detaching GPUs. This virtualizes the GPUs allowing multiple workloads to run in parallel. Flexdirect does for GPUs what vSphere did for CPUs. Flexdirect has extensions to support FPGAs and ASICs.

Flexdirect Manager

Flexdirect Manager is the management tool which allows the administrator to Monitor health, utilization and efficiency and availability of all GPU servers in your network. The tool also allows you to view and monitor clients’ consumption of GPUs while assigning quotas.

Flexdirect Analytics

Flexdirect Analytics is a passive software sensor and monitoring tool, that allows the infrastructure manager to gain insights and visibility on the utilization of the GPU servers by providing time series data of utilization and efficiency of each physical GPU in your network.